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About Us

Ultrakool refrigeration is India’s leading industrial refrigeration company which deals in design, supply, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, training and plant operation.
It provides best customized refrigeration solution, due to this becomes first choice for clients.
Ultrakool Refrigeration services brings a right place to provide customize refrigeration plant solutions, which enhanced production, product quality and energy optimization of plant.
Ultrakool refrigeration company, Bhiwani Haryana which providing best customized services to clients since 2019.

Ultrakool refrigeration offers a wide range of services for all kind of refrigeration plants.
Multi temperature cold storage for fruit vegetables and other commodities.
  • Dairy refrigeration system.
  • Ice cream Refrigeration system.
  • Petrochemical and fertilizers process.
  • Chemical plants.
  • Meat Refrigeration system.
  • Food processing plant.
  • Beverage refrigeration plants.
  • Brewery refrigeration plants.
  • Fish and shrimp processing refrigeration plants.
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